The Beginning!

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Hello everyone!

I have been thinking about having my very first blog lately. And now that I do have one, I will be using this opportunity to share the Glance of the contents from various books and music related stuff too. I started this blog to share the valuable ideas and information from the different books that people mostly cannot read due to the lack of time. I hope The Glancist will help you gain knowledge, ideas and boost your creativity. Do follow and comment suggestions. Carpediem!


To my Superhero – Happy Father’s Day DAD!

It’s quite rightly said that the beginning is always the hardest! I can write a thousand words for you but at the same time I am speechless too. 

Right from the time we are born, you are with us. Showing us that the world is for us to live and have a bright future and make our dreams come true!  You teach us to make the world a better place and live with peace. 

There are millions of poems written for mom but very few for you, dad.  May be it’s because you are hard to describe. Not the way you show us you are, but the way you actually are! 

You always bring gifts when we score well in exams, but you rarely say how proud you are in words. You always make sure we have little things we need, but you never look out for youself because you are so busy looking out for us. You buy every expensive thing for us without a second thought, but think for a hundred times before buying yourself, even the shirt that you liked. 

You crack the lamest jokes to make us laugh when we are about to cry. You give up on your dreams for us. You plan early for our future and you do it all without expecting anything from us. You are the epitome of selfless love. Having you is the best gift we’ve ever received from God. 

They say that it’s mom who sacrifices a lot for us, little do they realise that it’s you who never stop giving whatever you have. 

Thank you DAD! We know it’s not enough to just say it once, and it will never be.

Author’s note- In this busy life we may not be having much time to spend with our parents. But the very few minutes with them are priceless! I hope each one of us with or away have atleast spoken with them for 5 minutes. With each day they are getting old too. Making the most of time with them and having memories is all we can do. Once again a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! We are proud of you and always will be! 

Carpe Diem!

Travel in a New Zone!

Hello everyone!

My apologies for posting after such a long time. I hope you are having a great day! 

Today’s topic is the one that mainly most of us will relate to. Almost everyone likes to travel. Some travel just to have fun, some to have new experiences, some for having a change in their daily routine, some to relax from all the work load and some just to spend time with their families! But, there is this one place which is like a nightmare for us and we never want to travel there. It’s our very own ‘Comfort Zone!’ 

Have you ever tried to get out of your comfort zone just to experience some thing new and adventurous? 

Well, I can guess that the answer to this question in most of the situations is a big NO! For us comfort zone is like the best place on Earth. We feel that it’s perfectly fine not to do something that we like or are passionate about just because it may demand us to leave our comfort zone and take some risks. But, we often forget that ‘the regret of not doing something that we love is always bigger than the fear of risk itself’.

We are always told to work hard for a comfortable life, but never in a million years have anyone told us to do what we feel is best for us but involves risk! I wonder why is that? May be because almost everyone has been following the traditional way of living… Which involves avoiding risks, having a comfortable life, do the easy things always, following your dreams is not important blah blah blah! And in today’s world it’s quite lame!

Let’s have this different approach to life once and discover the beauty of the ‘Uncomfortable Zone’ too. 

Changes are hard to adopt. But not impossible at all, and here I would like to share the best way which I feel can help each one of us to change the habit of always staying in our comfort zone.


This may feel tough in the beginning but trust me it will be worth that priceless joy of experiencing something exciting. The new things may involve going out on a walk (it’s for those who like to stay in, just like me!), talking to strangers and knowing their story, making a new dish on saturday night, taking a step towards your passion, etc. Doing these activities will not only bring a change in your life but, also make you feel better about yourself and encourage you to do more. The feeling that we have  after doing new things is always priceless!  And you know as they say, ‘Tough roads often lead to beautiful destinations’. Which indeed is true!

So break through your comfort zone and invite new adventures and opportunities in your life! And don’t forget to Smile.

I hope this article helps you in every possible way and help you Escape your comfort zone for a while each day! Keep working on your dreams and let us know your Uncomfortable but beautiful experiences. 

Have an awesome weekend ahead. Carpediem!

Image source: Millionaire’s sayings

Who moved my Cheese? 

Hello everyone!

As promised in the last post, today I am sharing a story from the book which is not only just a tale in the maze but also an inspiring message that the author wants to share with everyone regarding how we can handle one of the most difficult aspect of our life that’s CHANGE! The book is wirtten by Spencer Johnson and it’s called  ‘Who moved my Cheese?’

The story revolves around four characters that are lost in a Maze in search of their most favourite ‘Cheese’! So let’s begin with the tale full of twists, turns, confusion and of course a powerful lesson!

Once, long ago in a land far away, there lived four characters who ran through a maze looking for cheese to nourish and make them happy. Two were the mice ‘Sniff’ and ‘Scurry’ and two were little people being as small as mice but who looked and acted a lot like the people today. Their names were ‘Hem’ and ‘Haw’.

Everyday the four of them would go around the maze in search of their special cheese. One day while searching, they came across a huge Cheese Station named ‘C’, where they found all their favourite type of cheese. They danced in rejoice! And enjoyed all their special cheese. Everyday, Sniff and Scurry would wake up early and go to the Station and enjoy their cheese. While Hem and Haw would go late everyday to the station and eat their cheese, since they knew where the cheese was kept and how they can reach there. They were pretty sure that the Cheese Station contains so much cheese that they can survive whole life with this cheese. Both of them became  much secure and comfortable. Haw was so happy that he wrote on the wall ‘Having cheese makes you happy’. On the other hand, Sniff and Scurry were not so much comfortable with the situation. They used to check from time to time if there was any change in the area and quantity of cheese. 

One morning Sniff and Scurry arrived at the station, they saw that there was no cheese available. They were not that surprised seeing the scenario, since they knew that the supply was getting smaller everyday. They didn’t waste their time cursing  or blaming the situation, instead they changed according to the situation and started searching for the new cheese station. On the very same day when Ham and Haw reached the station they saw that it was empty, which sent them in a state of shock. Ham became so angry that he started shouting and saying “Who moved my cheese?”.  All of their plans were dependent on the cheese which they thought will always be there. Seeing this Haw said,”Sniff and Scurry are not here. Don’t you think they know something that we don’t know?”  To which Ham said,”this can’t happen, they are just mice and we are the smarter one’s here”. Haw was analysing the situation and he understood that right now they are not acting like the smart ones and told Ham that they should also go out and search for another station. But Ham was too stubborn to listen and he said,”I will fix the situation, and make it the way it was!”

At the same time, Sniff and Scurry were busy finding the new cheese across the maze, they went on the new ways where they had never been before. During their search finally they reached a place where they found ‘Cheese Station N’ and that station had more cheese than the previous one. They started celebrating! Standing  near the  Station C both Ham and Haw were busy thinking how the cheese must have got over. While looking towards the road Haw was lost in a reveire that he is exploring the maze and eating tasty cheese and he said to Ham,”We should go out. We might find better cheese than before”. But Ham was so scared to go out. He told Haw that it’s too risky to go out since they haven’t been there before and they might get lost and not find any cheese. It is better to stay here and wait for the situation to get the way it was. (which was impossible). Haw thought that Ham is right and they both went home. Each day they would go to the station expecting the cheese to come back there. But when it didn’t happen for days, they started digging the ground to find the cheese there, it never happened too. And they would go back home with tension and depression. 

One day while digging, Haw started laughing loudly and Ham stared at him with no clue of what’s happening. Haw exclaims,”We are stupid. We are doing the same things each day and expecting different results”. Ham was so stressed that he paid no attention towards what Haw said and kept on thinking Who moved his cheese. Haw said to Ham that they should now give up on this station and go out in search of new cheese. But Ham said he doesn’t want to go and will wait until his cheese comes back. Haw then decided to go alone in the search and before going he wrote on the wall, ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’. 

Haw took new routes and kept his search on. Soon he realised that these new routes aren’t easy and anything can happen. But he also understood that the routes and maze are not that bad. He then kept clues for Ham expecting him to someday follow them and reach him. He wrote, ‘Smell the cheese often so you know when it’s getting old’. While running he started feeling good. Though he didn’t have anything at that moment but he was enjoying it. He again wrote on the wall ‘When you stop being afraid, you feel good’. After some time he found a Cheese Station E. But when he entered there, he found a very little amount of cheese. Then he said to himself, Only if I would have changed sooner! Haw then goes back to Ham with the cheese remembering all the direction. Ham’s situation was worse and he wasn’t ready to take any new cheese. He only said,”I just want my old cheese”. Haw tried to explain him but Ham was so deeply involved in his negative thinking that he would even get scared by the thought of going out! Haw soon got that Ham won’t join him and while making directions he went in search of cheese again. He also wrote on the wall, ‘When you change what you believe, you change what you do’.  While running Haw got little cheese on his way and finally he reached Station N where he found a huge amount of cheese. He also met Sniff and Scurry and he was happy but he also wished that Ham was with him. He was hoping that some day Ham would come following the directions he kept. 

Haw was on cloud nine, having his favourite cheese but this time he didn’t stay in his comfort zone enjoying the cheese. He would also check the amount of cheese each day and go in search of new cheese, so that he doesn’t have to face the problem that were caused earlier!

This was the whole story of ‘Who moved my cheese?’ Let us get things clear. The cheese was just Food for the mice but for humans it was a metaphor for all the thing that we humans need to be happy like health, money, relationships, happiness, etc. Often we humans forget that Changes in our life are bound to happen. Just like Ham, we keep on blaming the situation instead of trying to figure things out and move on just like Sniff and Scurry. There are situations when we realise a bit late that it’s better to move on, just like Haw. As they say, Better late than never!

 From this story we get to learn 5 key lessons,

  1. Change happens! They keep moving the cheese.
  2. Anticipate change. Get ready for the cheese to move.
  3. Monitor the cheese. Keep smelling the cheese
  4. Adapt the changes quickly.
  5. Enjoy the changes.

At the end of the day it depends on us, what kind of approach we keep towards our life. And finally the one question that I want you to ask yourself,

Your answer to this question is the clue for you to get that thing which you want without being afraid of what the end results will be. So friends I wish you All the best for that ‘Awesome Changes’ that you wish to have in your life. 

    Now it is upto us to choice whether to have a Long view just like Sniff, Scurry and Haw or to have a short view like Ham.

    This books has helped me to be better at opting changes and living a better life, and I hope it helps you too. Please let us know your experience after taking the actions and following the tips mentioned.

    Enjoy every moment and Embrace the beautiful changes! Have an awesome weekend and do spread the thought. Much love. Carpediem! 

    One Decision Away!

    ‘You are one decision away from a totally different life.’

    While reading this quote for the very first time, my mind just flooded with that ‘many decisions’ I didn’t take at times, which I honestly knew were for the very best of me. I didn’t realise their importance there then! But now I do understand the concept well enough to share it with you and make sure that YOU my friend don’t drop that ‘the best ever decision of my life’  and just DO IT!

    Probably one of the reasons that we neglect good thing is that we ‘Procrastinate’! Sounds familier right?

    Procrastinating, mostly makes us weak and confuses us to believe why IT won’t work. Most of the time when we come across something new like A new Book or A new Business Opportunity or A new lesson on coding or music we think about N number of reasons why we can do it and why we can’t! This is where procrastination starts and we loose the spirit. Thinking of those reasons naturally leads us to neutralize the situation and brings out nothing fruitful out of it. And we just focus on why we can’t do it, negelect it, fell sorry for ourself and move on. And let me tell you my Friend, it’s not just you who feel bad about it. Almost everyone at some moment in their life feels the same way, including me!( high five there) 

    Now let’s just try to solve this procrastination puzzle in a simple way!

    How do we normally react when we come across a decision making situation? It normally depends on the situation, right? If we like the proposal we think over it and naturally feel anxious and excited about it at the same time. Or if we don’t like it we just flip it and move on! Does it sound right? (I guess it does) 

    Although we are excited about it and start to think about the number of possibilities in which we can get things done, we suddenly realise that the feeling of excitement and anxiousness is replaced by worry and disappointment. These feeling come with a wave and take away all the perls of excitement and future plans related to it. To stop this You just have to follow the ONE STEP!

    It’s called the ‘5 Seconds Rule’!

    As soon as you come across a proposal that you feel is good for YOU and can change you positively and make a huge difference in your life just say ‘YES‘ to it! You read it right there. By saying this you not only stop that procrastionating voice in your head but also order your Subconscious that you want the things done in your favour. Which naturally leads to make all the things fall in the right places (that’s in reality)!

    For example, if someone offers you to join them for a Astronomy Club and you are also quite intrested in it but don’t have enough knowledge about it just think about all the BEST things that would happen to uou in 5 Seconds and say YES! And then learn about it as much as you can. 

    This rule  not only helps you to improve your decision making skills but also boosts your confidence and creativity. It may sound hard at first but as you get along with it and practice it, I can assure you that you will not regret trying this technique, everytime you face the difficult situations just use the rule! All the best for all YOUR Best Decisions that you will make in the future!

    I hope you find this article helpful in all the possible ways and it helps  you to be more productive and active and chase that dream of yours!

    Stay with us for the Next Post. And talking about that, it will be based on the book which I personally suggest all of my friends to read since it’s based on CHANGES in our life and how to adopt them! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

    Let us know your experience after applying the 5 Seconds Rule in the comment section. All the comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Carpediem!