To my Superhero – Happy Father’s Day DAD!

It’s quite rightly said that the beginning is always the hardest! I can write a thousand words for you but at the same time I am speechless too. 

Right from the time we are born, you are with us. Showing us that the world is for us to live and have a bright future and make our dreams come true!  You teach us to make the world a better place and live with peace. 

There are millions of poems written for mom but very few for you, dad.  May be it’s because you are hard to describe. Not the way you show us you are, but the way you actually are! 

You always bring gifts when we score well in exams, but you rarely say how proud you are in words. You always make sure we have little things we need, but you never look out for youself because you are so busy looking out for us. You buy every expensive thing for us without a second thought, but think for a hundred times before buying yourself, even the shirt that you liked. 

You crack the lamest jokes to make us laugh when we are about to cry. You give up on your dreams for us. You plan early for our future and you do it all without expecting anything from us. You are the epitome of selfless love. Having you is the best gift we’ve ever received from God. 

They say that it’s mom who sacrifices a lot for us, little do they realise that it’s you who never stop giving whatever you have. 

Thank you DAD! We know it’s not enough to just say it once, and it will never be.

Author’s note- In this busy life we may not be having much time to spend with our parents. But the very few minutes with them are priceless! I hope each one of us with or away have atleast spoken with them for 5 minutes. With each day they are getting old too. Making the most of time with them and having memories is all we can do. Once again a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! We are proud of you and always will be! 

Carpe Diem!


Travel in a New Zone!

Hello everyone!

My apologies for posting after such a long time. I hope you are having a great day! 

Today’s topic is the one that mainly most of us will relate to. Almost everyone likes to travel. Some travel just to have fun, some to have new experiences, some for having a change in their daily routine, some to relax from all the work load and some just to spend time with their families! But, there is this one place which is like a nightmare for us and we never want to travel there. It’s our very own ‘Comfort Zone!’ 

Have you ever tried to get out of your comfort zone just to experience some thing new and adventurous? 

Well, I can guess that the answer to this question in most of the situations is a big NO! For us comfort zone is like the best place on Earth. We feel that it’s perfectly fine not to do something that we like or are passionate about just because it may demand us to leave our comfort zone and take some risks. But, we often forget that ‘the regret of not doing something that we love is always bigger than the fear of risk itself’.

We are always told to work hard for a comfortable life, but never in a million years have anyone told us to do what we feel is best for us but involves risk! I wonder why is that? May be because almost everyone has been following the traditional way of living… Which involves avoiding risks, having a comfortable life, do the easy things always, following your dreams is not important blah blah blah! And in today’s world it’s quite lame!

Let’s have this different approach to life once and discover the beauty of the ‘Uncomfortable Zone’ too. 

Changes are hard to adopt. But not impossible at all, and here I would like to share the best way which I feel can help each one of us to change the habit of always staying in our comfort zone.


This may feel tough in the beginning but trust me it will be worth that priceless joy of experiencing something exciting. The new things may involve going out on a walk (it’s for those who like to stay in, just like me!), talking to strangers and knowing their story, making a new dish on saturday night, taking a step towards your passion, etc. Doing these activities will not only bring a change in your life but, also make you feel better about yourself and encourage you to do more. The feeling that we have  after doing new things is always priceless!  And you know as they say, ‘Tough roads often lead to beautiful destinations’. Which indeed is true!

So break through your comfort zone and invite new adventures and opportunities in your life! And don’t forget to Smile.

I hope this article helps you in every possible way and help you Escape your comfort zone for a while each day! Keep working on your dreams and let us know your Uncomfortable but beautiful experiences. 

Have an awesome weekend ahead. Carpediem!

Image source: Millionaire’s sayings