One Decision Away!

‘You are one decision away from a totally different life.’

While reading this quote for the very first time, my mind just flooded with that ‘many decisions’ I didn’t take at times, which I honestly knew were for the very best of me. I didn’t realise their importance there then! But now I do understand the concept well enough to share it with you and make sure that YOU my friend don’t drop that ‘the best ever decision of my life’  and just DO IT!

Probably one of the reasons that we neglect good thing is that we ‘Procrastinate’! Sounds familier right?

Procrastinating, mostly makes us weak and confuses us to believe why IT won’t work. Most of the time when we come across something new like A new Book or A new Business Opportunity or A new lesson on coding or music we think about N number of reasons why we can do it and why we can’t! This is where procrastination starts and we loose the spirit. Thinking of those reasons naturally leads us to neutralize the situation and brings out nothing fruitful out of it. And we just focus on why we can’t do it, negelect it, fell sorry for ourself and move on. And let me tell you my Friend, it’s not just you who feel bad about it. Almost everyone at some moment in their life feels the same way, including me!( high five there) 

Now let’s just try to solve this procrastination puzzle in a simple way!

How do we normally react when we come across a decision making situation? It normally depends on the situation, right? If we like the proposal we think over it and naturally feel anxious and excited about it at the same time. Or if we don’t like it we just flip it and move on! Does it sound right? (I guess it does) 

Although we are excited about it and start to think about the number of possibilities in which we can get things done, we suddenly realise that the feeling of excitement and anxiousness is replaced by worry and disappointment. These feeling come with a wave and take away all the perls of excitement and future plans related to it. To stop this You just have to follow the ONE STEP!

It’s called the ‘5 Seconds Rule’!

As soon as you come across a proposal that you feel is good for YOU and can change you positively and make a huge difference in your life just say ‘YES‘ to it! You read it right there. By saying this you not only stop that procrastionating voice in your head but also order your Subconscious that you want the things done in your favour. Which naturally leads to make all the things fall in the right places (that’s in reality)!

For example, if someone offers you to join them for a Astronomy Club and you are also quite intrested in it but don’t have enough knowledge about it just think about all the BEST things that would happen to uou in 5 Seconds and say YES! And then learn about it as much as you can. 

This rule  not only helps you to improve your decision making skills but also boosts your confidence and creativity. It may sound hard at first but as you get along with it and practice it, I can assure you that you will not regret trying this technique, everytime you face the difficult situations just use the rule! All the best for all YOUR Best Decisions that you will make in the future!

I hope you find this article helpful in all the possible ways and it helps  you to be more productive and active and chase that dream of yours!

Stay with us for the Next Post. And talking about that, it will be based on the book which I personally suggest all of my friends to read since it’s based on CHANGES in our life and how to adopt them! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Let us know your experience after applying the 5 Seconds Rule in the comment section. All the comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Carpediem!